We specialize in dedicated solutions for manufacturing companies. We focus on production and logistics processes optimization through their digitization. The digitization is eliminating the factors delaying flow of information to the automatic and in real-time processes. By supporting companies processes we minimize the risk resulting from human factor. Our solutions are created according to IT manufacturing standards. Possibility of customization distinguishes our system.
Using our system you can:

iconf-1Monitor production plan

iconf-2Alert on production problems

iconf-3Control vehicles loading process

iconf-4Visualise the inventory

Dedicated Solution
Production Control

Production Control – is a modern system for supporting the manufacturing processes, systematic orders fulfilment and managing the inventory. The system consists of the following related applications (modules): Production Control, Leveling Board, Alert System and Truck Preparation. The modules are divided into two groups: for managing production and logistics processes and modules displaying read only information.

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    Like most of the companies on the market we also have our own specialization – atypical and demanding implementations.

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    Programming services market contains number of worldwide technologies and solutions. Hence, we carry out implementations for foreign customers.

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    We took care that our team is able to design solutions based on all worldwide technologies.

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    Project Managers

    When the cooperation requires international team we have a project managers experienced in foreign markets.

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    Prince 2

    We hold Prince 2 certificates therefore our programming processes are accordant with Prince 2 methods.

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    We took care of professional team for which the success is the base of every implementation.