Tekom Technologia Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) desings software applications and electronic instruments since 1987.

GPS Vehicle
Tracking System

We created one of the most complex vehicle tracking and managing systems for vehicles and fleets saving.



We are the exclusive manufacturers of software intended for optimizing operation and production processes in companies.


IT Systems
for Industry

Our company manufactures systems including special-purpose software and devices for companies optimization



Innovation is a leading factor of our designs and implementations thus allowing our Customers to achieve more competitive advantages. We invest in new technologies thereby enabling our Customers to create systems that are leading the market standards.


The main features of professionalism in IT industry are qualifications that are continuously raised thus enabling developing our knowledge and competences. Therefore, our knowledge, allowing us to select the best solutions, is of the highest importance to our company.


We are partners for our associates in business. For this reason, we continuously increase our understanding on their needs. Basing on this knowledge, we create a set of unique values that are not to be found among competitors on the market.


The Customers can be sure that they invest in a reliable business partner. We have been on the market since 1987. Thenceforth, our Customers successfully implement our technology, knowledge and experience into their own companies.


Conscious management

and friendly relationships in business

When I first visited Tekom I never imagined that one day I will become
its Chairman of the Management Board. My path to this position was long
but it allowed me to get to know company structure and all employees.
Through all those years I have realized that the very base of company’s
effective operation are appropriate relations. That is the reason why
our company’s philosophy is based on direct contact, positive
relationships and partnership. We take care that the employees,
associates and Customers are our friends in business.



Customer’s Friendly
Registered Office

All who are interested in cooperation are welcome to meet us over a delicious coffee. The best ideas arise in places that make us feel good.



Our company contributed to creating Polish market of IT services and products. 30 years of experience gives us the opportunity of in-depth getting to know the market trend. Therefore, whenever the ability to accurately anticipate the needs and trends on this field is a must we became the best partners in dedicated IT solutions. The largest Polish companies such as: Play, Hortex, Media Markt, PGNiG, Zbyszko, Polfa, Koral and many others have already trusted us. Special-purpose software for supporting companies operation became the fastest growing sector of the market. More and more often customers and employees make decisions supported by appropriate software.

We are the exclusive manufacturers of software for optimizing companies operation and production processes. We are the authors to all systems and devices we implement. Therefore our Customers have access to updates and can take an active part in optimization process. All of our devices undergo rigorous testing in accredited Polish laboratories thereby providing us with reliability and safety of operation.

We create systems comprising special-purpose devices and software for optimizing companies operation. The designs may include production processes in factories and solutions based exclusively on special-purpose software for communication and management.

The EU has launched a number of Innovative Economy projects to promote and support local innovations. Why such amounts of money are spent on those projects? The global economy is constantly digitized. People are replaced by machines or software. For many years the trends are the same. Appropriate and special-purpose software allows for optimizing the production and employees’ work which leads to costs reduction. Our company helps the Customers to obtain EU subsidies for IT projects.

The quality results from the experience. 30 years on the market
gives us the advantage
which we use every single day.


GPS Tracking

Three systems, three different groups of needs. Find something for yourself or contact us for a customized services.


The most advanced system on the market for a fleet tracking. The offer is addressed to large corporations and transport companies.


My Car OBD

Offer addressed to small companies and individual customers. The system is equipped with all basic functions.



Software allowing monitoring of children, young and older people. The location is displayed in real-time.

What makes our applications different?

The reliability. See for yourself.
  • Speed of Operation

    Instant operation of all the applications is our priority. In the era of cutting-edge technologies there is no time for waiting.

  • Innovation

    The competitive advantages result from companies
    innovation. We focus on creating our projects
    to anticipate the upcoming trends.

  • Responsiveness

    All programs and applications are
    fully responsive. They dynamically
    adapt to all types of screens.

  • The objectives/strong>

    The first stage of collaboration with a new
    Customer is based on setting the objectives
    that are to be fulfilled for Customer’s contentment.

  • High Quality Code

    The applications are based on engineering
    standards for software supported
    by project management methods.

  • Customer’s Satisfaction

    It is our goal. We are flexible and ready
    to adjust to different customers
    standards and requirements.